Lockdown School

MsZora by Africa Teen Geeks in partnership with the Department of Basic Education and Sasol Foundation presents FREE STEM Lockdown Digital School

ATG, DBE and Sasol Foundation presents FREE STEM Lockdown Digital School.

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Technology drives the world

We build the builders of technology

My life’s mission is to close the opportunity gap with regards to access to computing education.
Lindiwe Matlali


Not too young to build tomorrow's technology

Make every day count for the young

They have fresh minds, great imagination and energy. Let's help them contribute where it matters most.


We bring computer science to young Africans

Don’t waste it otherwise

We train high potential unemployed youth in computer science closing the opportunity gap where access to technology education for poor kids remains a reality.


They are not too poor to lead

Kids don't choose where they are born

We equip talented and economically challenged youth to lead in their spheres. We give them the tools they need for effective leadership in this age.


No effort is too little

Don't hold back, build the future

Each day of our lives we make deposits in the memory banks of our children.
Charles R. Swindoll.


Not a problem any more

It's an opportunity

Every once in a while, a new technology, an old problem, and a big idea turn into an innovation.
Dean Kamen


The young ones are the future that we have

Invest in them

We work to educate, inspire and equip young people with the skills, resources and experience to pursue computing careers.


Our Impact

Thousands have been impacted by our work

I must say, my highlight was when Africa Teen Geeks successfully hosted its first computer science week where we exposed 12500 children from disadvantaged communities to computer science at UNISA labs across South Africa in 2015. 98% of those kids had never touched a computer before; by the end of the day they had written their first code. Some were already dreaming of becoming the next Mark Zuckerberg.
Lindiwe Matlali

Children trained


2018 Goals



Africa Teen Geeks exists to eliminating the barriers faced by disadvantaged communities in pursuing science, technology, engineering and math (STEM).

Our Founder, LINDIWE Matlali givin a Tedx talk last year at TEDxBeaconStreet in Boston Massachusetts

Lindiwe Matlali hinoured by Her Excellency the Queen of England.

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About my Life Mission
My life’s mission is to close the opportunity gap with regards to access to computing education. The majority of South African children do not have the opportunity to learn computer science. My goal is to expose them to computer science, helping to inspire Africa’s future generation of technology entrepreneurs and innovators.
I Am Driven By
As an orphan my grandfather raised my siblings and I from his pension; he always told me that education was my ticket out of poverty. He always said; “if you persevere at school, one day you will not even remember that you are an orphan”. I am driven by my goal to make him proud and show the world that an orphan raised by a pensioner and a garderner could rise and study at some of the best universities in the world. I am a proud UCT, Stanford and Columbia University student. .

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We host numerous events to train and guide the kids. We equally organise workshops, hackathons and community outreach events to foster this cause.

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Serve humanity

Classes are conducted by our volunteers who are trained and supported by ATG and Microsoft. We have over 1300 volunteers working hard to make this honourable course a reality
Africa Teen Geeks relies on volunteers to run its free Saturday Classes at UNISA. Please support us by volunteering at a centre next to you.

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Makhosonke Nkosi

Grade 10 | Khayalami Secondary School

Thank you for the opportunity to learn to code. Without Africa Teen Geeks I would never have had an opportunity to learn how to code. I now believe that with technology, I can change the world.

Carol Smith


My daughter had been struggling at school. Africa Teen Geeks introduced her to computer science and she has been doing great. She was selected to attend Festival of Code which boosted her self-confidence and her outlook on life.


Grade 7 | Buccleuch Montessori

I really like computer science. Next year, I will be going to high school so I hope to see you guys there. My favourite scratch project was the platform game. Thank you for coming to our school.

Some people really need your help

Volunteering some time to guide the kids during learning sessions makes a great difference. If you are passionate about training kids and raising the next generation of African and World leaders, please join us.

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