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Ms Zora

About MsZora

Ms Zora is a responsive, AI-based learning platform for STEM subjects designed with the primary goal of equalising access to quality education for all students regardless of their location, proficiency level and socio-economic circumstances and it has the following benefits to the learners:

  • Ms Zora is a personal tutor that guides students through a tailored process that takes into account different learning rates and specific levels of understanding. The platform is designed to alternate methods of explanation to suit the needs of every student, using video tutorials, step-by-step instructions and practical examples.
  • The data generated through learning sessions will allow teachers to easily and precisely determine where students are struggling and how to better focus on their needs.
  • Unlike a simple knowledge base, Ms Zora is also a feedback-powered resource that can identify bigger problems in the curriculum structure affecting student success

It was developed in collaboration with the Department of Basic Education.

The platform fulfils multiple purposes

  • MsZora is the ideal teaching assistant in the classroom. It provides relevant and curriculum-focused information that complements teacher intervention and allows them to focus on their students’ specific learning needs.
  • MsZora provides students with a personalised tutor inside and outside of the classroom, tailoring the process of learning to suit the requirements of every individual learner. It recognises learning challenges of each student and takes them by the hand as they complete their curriculum.
  • Producing real-time feedback for parents, MsZora supports those wishing to understand and aid their child’s learning progress.
  • Moreover, MsZora provides valuable, actionable data for the Government, enhancing its ability to address and bolster South Africa’s education system.
  • Through the government’s support, MsZora equalises education in South Africa and beyond, empowering children with access to the same, high-quality educational tools that will ensure their successful future.

Visit Ms Zora at https://www.mszora.co.za/ to sign up.