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What is Knit2Code?

Female family members may not be engineers but intricate needle work indicates a talent for programming and software development. Discovering the links between traditionally feminine skills and handicrafts can enrich a girl’s affinity for STEM. Knit2Code is a programme that teaches young girls without access to computer coding through knitting.

What inspired the Knit2code programme?

Knit2code was inspired by the lack of female role models for girls and also the situation on the ground where less than 10 percent of the population are connected to the internet. For example, only 5 percent of South African schools teach IT due to lack of infrastructure and qualified teachers. But also only 23 percent of IT learners are girls. Knit2code includes the female caregivers who learn to code through knitting.

How Does It Work

  • Knit2code will bring together 8-10-year-old girls and girls of different generations to learn, re-learn or enjoy knitting and, at the same time, to learn the basics of computing.
  • While no “real” coding will happen in the class, all students will be able to graduate to the Python computer language after the program.
  • The required materials are minimal: balls of yarn, knitting needles, and posters.
  • The required material are adequate for all the students to learn how to think of computing in a supportive environment and be able to go home and continue their learning in knitting and computing.

Programme Rollout Highlights

  • Successful campaign with the strategic partners which include Department of Basic Education, SABC, UNISA and Oracle Academy.
  • Contributes ICT development in schools and communities.
  • Contributes socio- economic development of disadvantaged communities.
  • More female learners were reached in the previously disadvantaged areas including rural areas in Limpopo.
  • Students equipped with valuable skills that gives them a head start in today’s ever evolving world of work.
  • Finally by bringing women of different generation and background as both students and teachers knit2code encourages inclusivity in and out of the classroom.