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3 Awesome future STEM Jobs that don’t even exist yet!

What do you want to be when you finish school? Whatever you have in mind, maybe you should hold on to that thought for a while and rather say “I am not sure”. Because maybe your job doesn’t even exist yet. WHAT?! I know right.

But the reality that was brought about by the 4IR has proven a very good chance that it doesn’t. According to our research 65 percent of Primary school students’ future jobs aren’t a reality just as yet, and many of them are STEM careers. Why are these future STEM careers/jobs important?

It’s a simple answer. These jobs/careers are a fundamental foundation of the 4IR. Check them out: 1.Drone Controller


Drones already give us some beautiful videos and photos, but they can be used for so much more. Future STEM careers involving drones will span from law enforcement to designing and even agriculture.

The job description might consist of a person seating at a control centre with virtual glasses and controlling a drone which could be miles and miles away from him.

Making sure that the drone does not crash and is brought back safely.

Reporting activities picked up by the drone.

  1. Robotics Engineer


We are now seeing Fast foods Restaurant’s like Mc Donald’s introducing self-order placing machines in their Restaurant’s, right? next thing we know we will be seeing robots taking over simple jobs and with that we’ll need brilliant people to design, build, and fix them. This looks like it will be a major field in future STEM careers/ Jobs.

How to get yourself Prepared:
Take math and science subjects at school.

When at college, major in any subject related to the electronics engineering or mechanical engineering.

There are a lot of free online platforms to learn coding that can advance your learning such platforms to mention but just one could be Ms. Zora blocks(https://www.mszora.co.za/).

  1. Space Pilot Screenshot 2021-03-03 at 17.35.41.png SPACE WHAT! WHY DIDN’T 4IR COME EARLIER?

Once upon a time it was impossible to fly airplanes, but now thousands and thousands of people travel using commercial airlines every single day. The next destination will soon be Space. Before you know it, you would be flying people on space tours. HOW AWESOME WOULD THAT BE!

How to get yourself ready:

You could attend aviation school or by joining the Air Force to gain advanced flying skills.

You could also check out NASA’s underwater space-simulator laboratory.

By Africa Teen Geeks.

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