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The #4IR technological revolution has interesting and great implications for employment, education, and the future of work on the continent.

The #4IR foundational core is to accelerating digitalization and the use of new technologies including:

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Cloud computing


3D printing

Advanced wireless technologies.

According to the African Economic Outlook 2020 by the African Development Bank (AFDB), Our African continent needs to prepare for the implications of the #4IR just like all other global regions, despite all that Africa still finds its self-lagging far behind in the #4IR technologies.

the #4IR is also greatly affecting the skills needed in the labour market, to mention three affected dimensions:

Demand is rising for no repetitive rational and socio-behavioural skills, which make employees more adaptable.

Demand is dropping for skills that are routine and tied to other jobs.

Having different kinds of skills has been proven by the #4IR to be very important.

This skills transformation is affecting both new and current jobs.

Skill up on the transferable skills that’ll land you one of these exciting jobs shaped by the #4IR:

• AI Ethicist

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Job description: Advocate for the ethical and legal matters relating to the creation and distribution of AI-based tech products. Skills requirement: Must be into philosophy just as robots. A plus will also to have fluency in analytics. Now hiring: Microsoft, Apple, Google.

• Human-technology integration specialist

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Job description: Collaborating with teachers to create future-focused learning platforms/environments that embrace the latest digital learning resources. Skills requirement: Communication, Research, analytics and high-level tech skills.
Now hiring: Most school abroad (outside of Africa)

• Personal data broker

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Job description: Collect personal information about consumers and sell it to other brokers, companies or individuals. Skills requirements: Data science, sales and ID analytics. Now hiring: You might as well be the person hiring as this is a freelance-type gig.

• 3D-printed chef

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Job description: A professional cook who splash up meals by programming a 3D printer. Skills requirements: Programming and software development, basic maths skills and recipes. Now hiring: Kellogg’s, Heinz and Cadbury

• Garbage designer

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Job description: Deal with the world’s massive waste problem by adding value to rubbish through creating better quality items out of it. Skills requirements: A background in materials science, industrial design and engineering. Now hiring: Toyota, ASOS and Ray-Ban.

• Robot recruiter

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Job description: Source suitable AI for households, individuals and employers to fulfil requirements like cleaning, cooking, coffee ordering etc. Skills requirements: Robotics and customer service. Now hiring: Big retailers like JB Hi-Fi, Amazon and Myer.

• Financial wellness coach

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Job descriptions: Offer one-on-one coaching sessions to customers so for them to understand the digital banking options and ultimately improve their financial health. Skills requirements: Math’s and more math’s Now hiring: The Commonwealth Bank, NAB, ING.

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