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The three driving factors behind exponential change in the #4IR

Acceleration, Digitization and Automation.

  1. The first major driving factor ‘acceleration’ refers directly to the rate at which society, economy and technology is changing. Not only is change coming rapidly, but the speed at which it is occurring is increasing, so the need to acquire new skills is important
  2. The second driving factor is digitization, meaning that many processes that were once performed by humans are now moved into digital spaces for AI(artificial intelligence) and other systems to deal with certain functions or at least make the jobs of human beings easier.

The beauty of digitisation is that it is able to trance the barriers of time and space, and allows us to communicate with one another in real time (via WhatsApp, video or phone call) or even in (emails or offline messages). It also eliminates the need for physical vehicle to transport or space to store information. Digitisation has been around for many years, but it is likely to become even more significant and present in the coming years.

  1. Automation: a situation where certain work processes are handled in whole or part by and/robots.

Automation is inevitable. For instance mining and other forms of unskilled labor are often physically strenuous. No worker enjoys hard labor, especially constant and excessive hard labor which can lead to future health problems. If there’s an easier or more efficient way to do things, workers will almost certainly employ these methods to lighted their loads.

Our education system should be geared therefore to encourage learners to improve their soft skills, master vital STEM subjects and be prepared for a workplace where collaboration with AI is almost Inevitable

By Africa Teen Geeks

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