Africa Teen Geeks is a non-profit organisation that provides Computer Science training to learners in previously disadvantaged communities across South Africa. We hope to show vulnerable young people that, despite their circumstances, success is achievable with the correct application of hard work and tenacity. We are a Google CS-First Strategic Partner and have the honour of being the first South African recipient of a Google RISE Award.

Africa Teen Geeks is unique in its approach to education, among charity organisations in South Africa. We aim to bridge the skills gap that is evident in South African schools with a Computer Science curriculum that focuses on coding and basic computer skills. Learning these fundamental techniques empowers young learners. It builds their confidence, strengthens their abstract thinking and provides them with an ‘employable’ skillset.

We also recognise the important role that teachers play in the lives of young learners, and the daily challenges that these teachers face. Our teacher training programme equips teachers with valuable skills to help them manage their classrooms more effectively. The programme covers topics such as coursework content, lesson planning, teaching strategies and leadership techniques. We believe that with community projects in South Africa, like this, future of the country looks bright.