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Africa Teen Geeks Bring Computer Science to Africa

Only 5% of South African schools offer computer science with majority of them being in affluent schools leaving the poor majority of poor black African children out.

The main reason beside the apartheid legacy is the lack of qualified IT teachers in black townships. Africa Teen Geeks is looking to change this by training high potential unemployed youth and placing them in poor schools to introduce computer science closing the opportunity gap where access to technology education for poor kids.


Only 5% of schools in South Africa teach computer related subject. Africa Teen Geeks is passionate about introducing computer science and coding to previously disadvantaged school who little or no access to computers. Our mission is level the playing fields and get working computers labs at all schools and introduce Computer Science as part of the curriculum.


Currently most schools in South Africa don't have working computer labs. The ones that do aerating as white elephants unused due to lack of qualified teachers. We are working to develop our own curricula that will be easy to easy irrespective of teacher CS knowledge or lack thereof. This project will ensure that every school that has the infrastructure is functional and African children get the opportunity to learn the important digital skills preparing them for the future jobs and careers.

Long-Term Impact

In South Africa we have an unemployment rate of about 25%. Yet we have a high shortage of critical skill workers 400000 technical jobs. We also have a huge shortage of qualified IT teachers in fact only 2 Universities offer education degrees in IT. Africa Teen Geeks long-term goal is to ensure that every school that has the infrastructure offers computer science by training high potential unemployed youth and also contributing to reducing youth unemployment rate.


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