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Clubs are taught by our volunteers who are trained and supported by ATG Microsoft. We have over 1300 volunteers making working hard to make this honourable course a reality Volunteering some time to guide the kids during learning sessions makes a great difference. If you are passionate about training kids and raising the next generation of African and World leaders, please join us.
Africa Teen Geeks relies on volunteers to run its free Saturday Classes at UNISA. Please support us by volunteering at a centre next to you

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We grow because of the amazing support that we have from partners and sponsors. Our partners connect to organise events, provide equipment and to showcase the work that we do. If our courses resonate with your institution's objectives and you will want us to work together to raise a generation of Africans who lead in the digital age irrespective of their economic realities, please reach out to us. Fill the form and we will get back to you.

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Our generous donors have a special place in our hearts. The generous donations fund the projects we have and the impact which we make in the local community. We may nothave had the opportunity to benefit from such works in the past. We bring the opportunity for you to give, be part of the change and to build a great future for the youth today. Give to the skill development of young Africans, give to the future that you will be proud of.
Many of the disadvantaged kids who are attending our classes struggle with transport to attend our classes. You can support us by sponsoring kids to attend classes too.

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ATG has recognised that education is a critical hurdle that we must overcome, and is finding creative ways to realise an inclusive and innovative future for our children

Standard Bank

CEO, Standard Bank

We could not be more happy to contribute to the growth of our youth. Africa Teen geeks has an innovative solution to the skill gap issue which we have in out country and Africa

New Generation Technologies

Operations Manager, Mpara Faith

This initiative comes from a place of love and we are impressed with the depth of work done by the Africa Teen Geeks team. The impact of this work will definitely leave a legacy of audacity and endless possibilities

Aliya Misiwa


There is no greater joy than that which one finds in service. I have been part of this team for two years and every year brings new opportunities not only for contribution, but also for growth

Reckson Amande


I totally love Africa Teen Geeks. It is very fulfilling to take a kid from novice level to a confident Geek. These kids have amazing potential and I am glad to contribute to their growth.

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