August 2016 - Girl Geek Campaign by Africa Teen Geeks

Why #GirlGeek Empowerment?

Shocking Statistics

  • 26% girls dropout grade 12 in rural areas
  • 99 000 schoolgirls pregnant in 2013
  • 15-24 females are the highest HIV infected group.
  • many girls drop out of school before Matric to head HIV orphan households.
  • Becoming prostitutes for drug habit
  • Drop out due to Rape
  • Parents prefer to pay school fees for boys instead of girls.
  • In South Africa 55% female workforce
  • ONLY 20% of women are in ICT careers
  • Only 23% of girl students doing IT at schools
    Girl Geek Ambassador Robin Burrell
  • the first black female in history to be nominated for an Emmy Award in Virtual Reality interactive design. (Emmy Awards 2016 nominee)
  • Currently working Steven Spielberg's virtual reality company.
  • Executive Co-Chair, Executive Committee - Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, Interactive TV Peer Group - Emmy's
  •’s mobile group's Director of Product and Distribution where nominated for a Webby Award for their iPad app
  • Logistical technology at Obama inauguration
  • worked at Myspace, Amazon
  • Management Inside Sessions
  • Cofounder of NPO - S.T.A.N.D - Socially together and Naturally Diverse - bridge gap race,gender inequality in education
  • Standard & Poor's Society of Industry leaders
  • NPO AYA (Arte y Amistad) - uplift orphans in Mexico with art, literature & educational programs
  • Part of SOLVE MIT - assist Africa Teen Geeks focus on South Africa's connected classroom crisis Phumzile Mthombeni
  • 10 year old student from Middleburg
  • Never saw a computer before computer science week July 2016
  • Finished hour of code in 30 minutes
  • completed course 1, 2, 3 entire day 60 #GIRLGEEK EMPOWERMENT
  • Earmark& identify 60 #girlgeeks - Computer Science week 2016 to commemorate 60 years of Women's day
  • Train to code at UNISA on Saturdays
  • 60 girls will be chosen to learn java at the festival of code during October holidays
  • #girlgeeks will be backed by Standard Bank mentorship till matric
  • Brought to you by Africa Teen Geeks Girl Geeks visit Oracle Girl Geeks visit Microsoft
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