Geeks Unite

The Africa Teen Geeks programme, which offers free coding classes, has instilled a passion for computer science in scores of children. On a Saturday morning, when most children are sleeping late or enjoying not having to go to school, groups of young “geeks” are rising with the sparrows and trekking to Unisa’s computer labs to […]

Learn to code

Would you like to find out more about how coding can advance your child’s educational and personal development? City Press and Africa Teen Geeks are hosting a free introductory coding session on May 13 so that parents can bring their children to see for themselves what computer science is all about. Youngsters will have fun […]

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Schooling tomorrow’s innovators

Eight-year-old girls are meant to play with dolls and do girly things, right? Most definitely not, says Lindiwe Matlali, founder and “chief volunteer” at Africa Teen Geeks, which is getting tweens and teens hooked on computer coding as a stepping stone to a career in programming. This Gauteng-based not-for-profit organisation focuses on both boys and […]